API Admin Portal Integrations Subscribers Beacons Incident Management
February 20
  • Added API support for creating and managing Content Templates
  • Added API support for using a content template when creating an incident through the API
  • Added API support for creating subscribers in bulk
  • New API for bulk group action POST 
  • New API for bulk group action DELETE
  • Added support for sending notifications to multiple MS Teams channels at once
  • Updated the MS teams card layout to be more visually informative
  • Allow ANY incident or event to be posted in the future and have it automatically resolve itself
  • New admin alert for if we fail to send SMS to a custom Twilio account
  • For sandbox accounts added a label to appear and help users know they are in their sandbox account
  • Updated the logic for the Unsubscribe macro to take subscribers to their subscription management page 
  • Added support to fill in Full Name for subscribers in the admin dashboard and subscription management page
  • IncidentUpdate.InDirectlyAffectedComponentsByName macro was not populating correctly
  • Posts created by beacons were not being drafted if the overall incident was
  • A subscribers "Tags' would be cleared when they set or reset their password
  • Importing subscribers gives Employee Role, despite subscriber role selection prior to import
  • Publish button in confirmation modal allows you create duplicate incident