Admin Portal
June 02
  • Editing an existing post and save throws the error that you have a duplicate post time
  • Creating an identified incident using a template results in an "Informational" event type instead of "Incident"
Groups API Admin Portal Status Page
May 31
  • Service list widget was not populating incident data when hovering over ongoing incidents
  • Incident resolutions being allowed at the same minute interval as a previous update
  • Pre-selected time when adding a post update was based on the time of the page load
  • When drafting an informational event(that is not treated like an incident) the automated closure was not being set to a draft
Admin Portal Integrations Subscribers Status Page
May 19
  • Custom field macro listed separating values with commas instead of new lines
  • Subscribers who never logged in, show last login as 1/1/0001
  • Webex teams notifications not getting delivered
  • Service status list widget using history using UTC to determine when "today" starts
  • Authenticating for the first time as an "Employee" role through OpenID Connect fails
Admin Portal Notifications Integrations Subscribers
April 26
  • Add an option that incorporates the most severe status into the current status logic
  • Add system alert for when a subscriber is deactivated due to blocked/bounced email notification
  • After bulk deleting subscribers admin screen not updated
  • Adding a subscriber who already has a user account and selecting create user results in a bad link added to the invite email
  • The option to default sending notifications is not being applied to the update post screen
  • Translate button shows double dropdown when clicked
Admin Portal Beacons Status Page
April 07
  • Add employee SSO option to Open ID Integration
  • Incident creation form sets initial status to unavailable from maintenance when changing date to a different time
  • Uptime history page data placement on large date ranges inconsistent
  • Beacon timeline disappears after first viewing
  • Creating a child component resets the order of its parent 
API Admin Portal Beacons Status Page
March 30
  • Add "This" year, month and week options to uptime summary page premade searches
  • Root Causes Always saved in draft mode
  • Loading the page sometimes results in the icons appearing broken
  • Not having affected groups in the API request, removes all groups associated with Incident
  • Beacons not always assigning teams based on shift change
  • Internal Status Beacon components can be deleted without being first removed from beacon
Admin Portal Notifications Integrations Beacons Incident Management
March 20
  • Ability to draft post updates and resolutions
  • Employee login route for SSO(SAML and OpenID Connect)
  • Subscribers management page enhancements
    • Improved subscriber export to include all subscription details(email, sms, webhook, preferences, and tags)
    • Added webhook support to subscriber import
    • Added a bulk modify option to allow administrators to upload a CSV of existing subscribers to add/remove groups, components, or tags
    • Added ability for administrators to unlock a subscriber when they have become locked out
    • Added component filter to table options
  • Time zone support for individual subscribers
  • Support for 2 and 3 column versions of the Components Table macro
  • Brand template macro to give you total count of affected components by group
  • Added the "Date to post" information to the summary information on the incidents search page
  • Incidents search page slow performance
  • Schedule maintenance options not appearing right away when selecting a maintenance template
  • Saving a CNAME allowed for a trailing space
  • Administrators created through SSO appeared as "pending" in users area
  • Opening widgets in the page designer caused your screen to refocus and scroll to the top
  • From the incident workspace the link to the deliveries report is not clickable
  • Component status change popovers not including initial status
  • Email beacons showing incidents related that were not created by the beacon
  • Re-registering a SMS number from the subscription management page was not sending a confirmation SMS